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Strictly the numbers: Kubb

  • 10 official club member playing at the Championships
  • 9 Belly flops done in the hotel pool by JP(maybe more like 19)
  • 8 top ‘ten’ lists made recapping the weekend
  • 7 Lags won by Ford
  • 6 Lags lost by Matt/Mark
  • 5 guys 1 hotel room
  • 4 guys each on two teams
  • 4 games lost by Kingpin
  • 4 games lost by X Kubbed
  • 3 Members of Chaska Kubb club got their 5 year pin
  • 3 Members had their first run
  • 3 Teams competed with Chaska ties
  • 3 games played between two club teams on Sunday on Pitch 1
  • 2 The number of sandwiches we were told to buy at Rays
  • 2 The number of inkasters used by each team on Saturday
  • 2 Stories that we used to remind ourselves that Kubb is a game and we were there to have fun
  • 1 Great Club that had a ton of fun playing a great game surrounded by great people.

If we elaborated on any one of these topics we could have a blog a month from our club for an entire year, but that would require something we just won’t do. We hope you liked our list and are intrigued enough to question what makes the Chaska Club so good. Until the next time we see you on the pitch.